Managing patients and a practice today is a challenge. Carelon Medical Benefits Management recognizes the key role that medical oncology practices play in the delivery of quality cancer care. In collaboration with your patients’ health plan, we implemented the Carelon Cancer Care Quality Program. We are committed to giving you the tools, knowledge, and resources to participate in the Cancer Care Quality Program and be successful in the new value-based healthcare environment.

Included Membership:

  • Anthem members
  • Anthem Medicare Advantage members
  • Wellpoint members

Tools to support your practice

This site was developed to support your oncology practice as you participate in the Cancer Care Quality Program. Here you will find the information you need to understand how the Program:

  • Fits within your practice
  • Benefits your patients and practice
  • Can become part of your daily workflow

Precision Medicine Initiative

Cancer Care Quality Program supports
NCI-MATCH clinical trial

Learn more about this initiative

View Pathways and worksheets

Cancer Treatment Pathways Clinical Detail

Our worksheets can help you gather the patient clinical information you’ll need to enter your order request in the Carelon provider portal