Register your site of care* with OptiNet

OptiNet®, which is available in the Carelon Medical Benefits Management provider portal, is a proprietary, multifaceted program designed to collect service and capability information on outpatient imaging providers. Providers will be asked to submit information in areas such as staffing credentials and certifications for both technologists and physicians interpreting images, equipment specifications, quality assurance programs and policies, and accreditation statuses.

Providers register sites within OptiNet to become eligible alternate site of care providers. Additionally, “provider type” has now been added to OptiNet to capture the site’s status as a free-standing imaging facility, physician group, or hospital.

How Do We Use the Information We Collect with OptiNet?

When you contact us to order imaging studies, we offer the information we collected in OptiNet to help locate clinically appropriate, convenient, and cost-effective alternate imaging study facilities for your patients.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to our provider portal (registration required)
  2. Select “Access Your OptiNet Registration” (on the left sidebar) to launch the quick OptiNet registration process
  3. Enter and submit your information

For your convenience, all saved information will be retained for future sessions to allow flexibility in returning to finish the submission process.

Providers become eligible alternate site of care providers one business day after registering in OptiNet.

Register now



* In some plans “level of care” or another term such as “setting” or “place of service” may be the term used in benefit plans, provider contracts or other materials instead of or in addition to “site of service” and in some plans, these terms may be used interchangeably. For simplicity, we will hereafter use, “site of care”.



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