How to participate

The Healthy Joint and Spine Guide Program is administered by Carelon Medical Benefits Management on behalf of your patients’ health plans. Carelon collaborates with you to improve health care quality and manage costs for some of today’s complex tests and treatments.


The first step in participating is to register as a user on the Carelon provider portal an online application. The provider portal allows you to initiate a review for your patients who are covered by participating health plans. We call this the “order request” process.

Each member of your staff who enters review requests will need to register.

Although the Healthy Joint and Spine Guide Program does not require submission of UM requests, you can use the provider portal to submit a request for another program and get a response in real time 24/7.

Everyone I know that uses the online portal thinks it is the easiest one in the industry to use. And your clinical reviewers are always kind and make our jobs easy.

- Provider practice feedback

Powered by our pioneering provider portal technology, your requests are processed in real time, with most requests approved at intake.

For requests that require additional consideration, our team of nurses and physicians are available to consult with your practice.

Log in to provider portal