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Oncology Management Program for
Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan* and Blue Care Network

*Program applicable to members of select employer-funded health plans

Carelon Medical Benefits Management Cancer Treatment Pathways

Carelon Cancer Treatment Pathways are developed by Carelon oncologists and pharmacists in consultation with a panel of academic and community-based oncologists. Together they apply a rigorous process to evaluate regimens supported by national guidelines such as NCCN guidelines and oncology professional society practice guidelines, and by peer-reviewed, published data. Factors considered include:

  • Clinical benefit (efficacy).
  • Side-effects (toxicity) – especially those that lead to hospitalizations or impact quality of life.
  • Cost, when efficacy and toxicity are equal.

Standards of oncology care evolve rapidly. That’s why it’s important to know that the Carelon Pathways are updated through a systematic review of medical evidence at least quarterly, and more often when new data emerge or national guidelines change.

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Carelon Cancer Treatment Pathways Worksheets

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