Name change announcement

myNEXUS is now Carelon Post Acute Solutions on March 1, 2023

In June 2022, myNEXUS announced that it joined the Carelon family of companies. Carelon is a new healthcare services brand dedicated to solving the industry’s most complex challenges.

As part of this shift, on March 1, 2023, myNEXUS will sunset the use of its legacy name and begin operating under a new name, Carelon Post Acute Solutions.

In March, any documents that mention myNEXUS, such as determination letters or our various portals and websites, will begin adopting the new Carelon Post Acute Solutions name. Please know this is a name shift only. There will be no changes to the way cases are submitted or the contact information used for checking case status.

Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to working together as we adopt our new name.

Carelon transition FAQs
1. Will there be any changes to the myNEXUS provider portal? The branding of our portal will be updated to reflect Carelon branding. Additionally, the web address (URL) you use today will be automatically redirected to a new Carelon URL. There will be no changes to the case submission process.
2. Are any phone number changes planned as part of this transition? Our inbound phone numbers are not being changed. The reference to myNEXUS within recorded scripting will be replaced with Carelon Post Acute Solutions.
3. How will third party portals, such as Availity, be impacted? There will be no change to the way you access these portals. Within the portals, any reference to myNEXUS will be replaced with the new name. This may take some time to fully complete.
4. Will references to myNEXUS on health plan websites and other materials be changed? While you may continue to see the myNEXUS company name on health plan websites and member ID cards for some time, these references will be changed through scheduled content update cycles.
5. Will the myNEXUS corporate website URL be changed? The corporate website will be moved to the Carelon website. Links to our portal and our provider resource pages will continue to be available through our website.
6. Will provider resources, such as key documents and the provider finder, be impacted? Our provider resources will continue to be available through our web pages, which will be moved to a new Carelon URL. The web addresses (URLs) you use today will be automatically redirected. Beginning March 1, all client-specific forms will be available through a link found after logging into the portal.


Carelon Post Acute Solutions
105 Westwood Place | Suite 400 | Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
Provider call center phone: 844-411-9622

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